Nice to Meet You, I’m New Here

So, What is This and Why is it Here?

Every story has a beginning, and here is the one for this site.  This site is built to be a repository for long-form essays and articles that do not really have a home anywhere else.  In the past I wrote here, which led to this book.  Then, for a while, I wrote here.  But, inevitably, I found the topics I wanted to write about really didn’t fit in either context.  A lot of my business articles weren’t really about business, and a lot of my website design/development articles were really about technology or entrepreneurship.  So, here we are, a new site to be a larger canvas, a receptacle and showcase of broader ideas expressed in a longer-form format.

In a nutshell, I want this site’s focus to be on quality content in the form of essays on society, technology, business, and culture.  Sort of a modern take on current issues, with unexpected solutions to problems that affect many of us.

Wow, That Sounds Super Self-Indulgent

True, but hopefully there is value in the words published here.  Our modern society is full of very complex issues, and opportunities, and hopefully the ideas put forth here will push the conversation forward.  Or, at the very least, offer a different way to think about these issues, and their possible solutions.  It is easy to talk about everything that is going wrong.  What I aim to do is talk about what we can actually do, perhaps putting a fresh coat of paint on the thinking around current issues.

So, What Comes Next?

Even for people who like it, writing sucks.  And, writing anything that are, or resemble, blog posts, sucks especially.  From experience, the average amount of time people maintain their blogs seems to be about six weeks.  Hardly inspiring, especially because you simply do not have enough time to allow your writing to find its voice, its audience, or its value.  So, what I aim for are new essays once a week, or so.  And by “or so”, meaning publishing when there is something worthy to read.  I promise not to publish anything that is not worthy of your time, but by virtue of this promise, that might mean that there are sometimes extended breaks between essays.

Over the next several weeks the first batch of essays will appear.  The topics are currently:

– Fixing the USPS
– A Profit-Driven Case for TV Over the Internet
– Re-thinking Prison Recidivism and the “After Prison” Period
– Some Ideas for a Has-Been Technology Behemoth

Here We Go

I am excited to get going, and I hope you find value in what I write.  Contact me if you want to chat.  Thanks for being here.


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With interests in things ranging from entrepreneurialism, to technology, to data-driven, evidence-based solutions for societal issues, I write about a variety of topics, and some of the ideas are pretty big ones. Thanks for reading, I'm glad you're here.

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