Vaguely Vivid is home to long-form essays on topics ranging from technology, society, business, and culture by John Coleman.  The point of view is a modern one, with a focus on solving complex problems, problems that affect lots and lots of people.  Or, at the very least, putting forth unexpected ideas that no one else is talking about.  All too often, issues and opportunities can get caught in the echo chamber of punditry and inflexible ideology in our modern media, and what I hope to accomplish here is having conversations around modern topics be pushed forward a bit, with a new perspective and potential solutions.  Topics will range from how possibly fix societal problems, to market opportunity/strategy, to harnessing technology to its maximum benefit. :::

I try to trade practicality and pragmatism for ideology, and I attempt to approach every topic with a bias rooted in finding the most efficient/effective/synergistic solution possible.  I aim to put forth innovative points of view, points of view that are worth your time to read.

Essays will be published once a month or so.  Subscribe using the menu and never miss a single one.

I hope you find value in the opinions and perspectives expressed here.  Contact me if you want to chat.